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Keep Water Out of Your Basement

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Before your brand-new basement starts taking on water, get the professionals to waterproof the space. This sounds simple enough, but what can you expect from your waterproofing job? Depending on your situation, you can receive a variety of basement waterproofing solutions. Look at some of the waterproofing techniques that can be done in your home.

Crack Sealing

When you have a poured-concrete basement, crack sealants can be an effective, although somewhat temporary, method of waterproofing. With this method, epoxy is injected into cracks that have formed in the foundation, preventing water from seeping through.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior excavation is the most extensive waterproofing solution you can employ. In this technique, a hole is dug alongside the foundation and drainage tiles are added, allowing water to drain safely away from your home. This method is more expensive, but it is one of the most effective waterproofing solutions.

Interior Waterproofing

Instead of an exterior excavation, some people opt for installing a drain inside their basement. While this method does less to keep water out, it does allow water to quickly drain from your basement. This method is cheaper than exterior waterproofing but is slightly less thorough of a measure.
When you’ve just finished constructing your new basement, be sure to protect it from the damaging effectives of water seepage. Contact H2O Waterproofing for expert assistance with all of your waterproofing needs today.