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Signs Your Foundation May Need Repair

Foundation Crack
The foundation of a house directly impacts the structural integrity of the entire home. In essence, the foundation is responsible for transferring the weight of a home to the underlying ground while minimizing movement and excessive settling. When a home has foundation issues, other problems can start inside the structure, especially in basements and crawl spaces.

Foundation problems can happen for a number of reasons, including excessive moisture in the soil, a lack of moisture in the soil, or poor preparation and compaction of the ground during construction. If you suspect that there is a problem with the foundation of your home, prompt foundation repair is essential. Continue reading to learn more about the common signs that a house may have foundation issues that are in need of repair.

Excessive Moisture in Basement or Crawl Spaces
One of the most common signs of foundation problems is a sudden influx of moisture in a basement or crawl space. This influx is typically caused by water seeping through cracks that have formed in the foundation. You may see puddles or moisture on the walls and floor, or you may notice that the basement or crawl space is humid and smells musty.

Floors Are Sagging or Uneven
When the foundation can no longer distribute the weight of a home over the ground due to soil issues, a house can shift. When this happens, floors on all levels may become uneven or start to sag. While the foundations of most homes settle over time, if the floors in a home are noticeably uneven or sagging, a foundation issue probably needs to be repaired.

Basement Walls Are Bowed
Bowed basement walls are a serious sign of foundation issues that need to be addressed. This issue can be caused by continual soil movement around the foundation. Wet soil expands, placing pressure on the foundation and dry soil retracts, pulling away from the foundation. Over time, the cycle of expansion and retraction weakens the foundation and causes basement walls to become bowed.

Visible Cracks on Walls or the Foundation
As a house settles, small cracks can develop on interior or exterior walls or the foundation itself. However, cracks that are large in length and width should be cause for concern. As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to regularly inspect the interior and exterior walls and the foundation of your home for large cracks.

If you notice one or more large cracks, contact a foundation repair company to have the cracks evaluated.

Problems Opening and Closing Doors and Windows
When a home's foundation is in good repair, everything in the house is level. This means that you should have no problems opening doors or windows. But, if the foundation is damaged or shifting due to soil problems, door frames and window frames will also shift.

If this happens, the windows and doors will no longer be level in their frames, which can lead to difficulty opening or closing doors and windows smoothly.

Water Around Perimeter of the House
Excessive water is one of the main culprits of foundation problems. If you notice that you regularly have standing water around the perimeter of your home after heavy rains, the water may be leaking down under your foundation and causing problems.

One way to prevent standing water is by grading the soil around the home so water is diverted from the foundation. Gutters and downspouts may also need to be upgraded.
If you suspect that your home may have foundation issues that need to be repaired, please contact H2O Waterproofing today to schedule an appointment for repair.