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Three Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

When you’re home has a crawl space, you may be unsure of what to do with it. Crawl spaces offer many advantages for the home. For instance, they allow for groundwater and moisture retention, letting it evaporate safely through external vents. However, many experts suggest that this is not the best means of protecting your home from water damage. Instead, they prefer a dry crawl space, completely encapsulated from the outside environment. Find out why homeowners are increasingly opting for crawl space encapsulation.

Improved Energy Savings and Comfort

Dry crawl spaces prevent air from entering or exiting the home. This means you don’t lose climate control. When the A/C is pumping on a hot summer day, your crawl space stays cool and insulated, requiring less energy to keep your house cool.

Less Mold & Cleaner Air

Dark, damp areas such as crawl spaces are ideal breeding grounds for mold. With an encapsulated crawl space, moisture no longer collects within the walls of your home, reducing the amount of mold growth. This provides cleaner and healthier air for your entire family.

Stronger Structural Integrity

Maintaining a closed crawl space benefits the entire structure of your home. In keeping moisture out, you reduce the chances of wood rot and other structural defects.
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