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Three Tips to Keep Mold Out of Your Home During Winter

The moist winter weather can create optimum conditions for mold to form and grow in your home. Unless it’s caught early, mold can spread quickly and do serious damage. There are a few key ways to prevent mold from growing in your home during winter.

Ensure Your Home is Clean

Mold can’t grow on surfaces that are sanitized and free of bacteria. The cleaner your home is, the lower the risk of mold growing there. It often helps to pay special attention to cracks and corners as well as other areas that aren’t typically cleaned regularly.

Make Things as Dry as Possible

The best place for mold to grow is somewhere damp, so properly circulating and ventilating the air in your home can reduce your risk of mold growth. Using an exhaust fan or opening a window can also help greatly with mold prevention.

Inspect all Water Entry Points

Anywhere that water enters your home, especially around appliances, is prone to growing mold. Examining water pipes and the seals on your doors and windows routinely can help you spot any leaks quickly and fix them before the mold can start to grow. You can also have your home waterproofed.
Keeping your home clean and well maintained is a good way to keep mold out. Regulating the temperature and humidity levels inside your house can also eliminate the potential for mold. For more tips to keep mold out of your home during winter, call H2o Waterproofing at 205-956-2426.