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Foundation Repair & Renovation

foundation repair
For existing structures, H2O Waterproofing provides foundation renovation and repair. Identifying any foundation problem early is key to providing a correct and permanent solution. Common foundation problems may include:
  •   Sagging crawl spaces
  •   Settling foundations
  •   Floor cracks
  •   Foundation wall cracks
  •   Heaving foundations
  •   Bowing foundation walls
The appearance of small cracks in concrete walls as they cure is normal and usually no cause for alarm. Crack injection is an effective procedure in repairing a leaking stress crack in a poured-concrete foundation wall. When using a polyurethane resin epoxy combined with water, this method seals cracks from .002″ to 1″ wide through the entire thickness of the wall. Depending on the specific requirements of the job, repair by epoxy crack injection can restore structural integrity and reduce moisture penetration.  If the crack does not compromise structural integrity, injecting polyurethane grouts or other nonstructural materials are suitable choices. When a structural repair is required, we will assess and correct the conditions that caused the crack before continuing with the epoxy injection. If the crack is damp and cannot be dried out, a moisture tolerant epoxy is used.

Cracks that are the result of a settling or sinking foundation, however, will mean a great deal of damage to your home. Foundation settlement occurs when the soil underneath a foundation is no longer able to support the weight of the structure. A settling foundation may lead to cracked foundation walls, cracked drywall, doors and windows becoming out of square and tilting chimneys. The longer this type of damage goes unaddressed, the more difficult it will become to repair. Over time, a foundation wall may begin to bow and buckle inward if external forces become greater than their ability to withstand this pressure. Bowing walls may eventually fail and should be addressed immediately.
Floors over crawl spaces may sink when there are too few vertical supports. The supports begin to sink into the ground when the horizontal beams begin to grow mold and rot. When crawl space structures experience settlement, the entire home can experience damage. Walls will crack, doors and windows will stick and floors will become uneven. If your home or office is sinking due to mold and rot, your crawl space should also be waterproofed and dehumidified to prevent further moisture damage.
From cracks in the foundation to concrete slab repair, our experts will take care of every step of the process, including:
  •     Excavation
  •     Installing exterior drainage systems
  •     Brick sealing
  •     Concrete sealing
  •     Crack injection
  •     Grading
  •     Backfill
foundation repair
Problems such as bowing foundation walls, stair-step foundation cracks and sinking floors over crawl spaces not only look bad but can be devastating to your home’s value and structural integrity. Our techniques will restore your foundation’s strength and appearance back to its original state. Through the use of quality materials and expert workmanship, we can ensure that your foundation is permanently repaired and protected.