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Correctly waterproofing any space at ground level or below grade during initial construction is essential. Once soil is filled around a basement, making improvements to exterior walls becomes more time-consuming and costly. Without proper waterproofing, basement walls are susceptible to leaks, seepage and interior condensation. Too much indoor moisture can foster damp, uncomfortable conditions. Excessively moist indoor air enhances the chill of winter and the hot, muggy feel of summer, causing HVAC and dehumidifying systems to work harder and use more energy. Additionally, water prevention protects the value of your home or office building and helps increase energy efficiency.

We address water intrusion from both the outside and inside, providing you with various waterproofing options and help in choosing the best solution possible for your situation and budget. We believe in honesty, integrity, fairness, providing a superior value for our customers and doing it right the first time.